A technicolor array of powerful expressions, revealing light and mystery. Leaving behind any and all audiences in a cosmic wake of mesmerizing colors, soulful sounds, divinely inspired shapes, that move and shift environments wherever he happens to be. 

Lino Meoli

Shades of the Ranebo

“Shades of the Ranebo” is an experimental short narrative film.. An artist (Blue) is locked up in an ever-expanding studio warehouse space. We explore his innocence and the process of his artistic creations. The film uses mix media segments, fusing live action with original music, art, graphics, projections, installations and light. The story is told through Blue’s epochs. Dr. orange an eccentric psychotherapist guides Blue to understand the world he can change with his art. Blue escapes this realm and leads himself through portals to other dimensions created by his imagination and the strokes of his brush....L!NK !N B!O for the full 9 minute version!!! 🎥✨🎨💙🤲🧡📼 ラネボの色合い

Created by Lino Meoli & Harrison Houde 
Directed by Harrison Houde
Cast: Lino Meoli as BLUE, Ken Heusey as Dr. Orange, Maripol as Blue's Mom. 
Original story by Lino Meoli 
Written by Harrison Houde, Dakota Daulby, Lino Meoli 
Produced by Lino Meoli & Harrison Houde
Cinematography by Andy Chen 'Locust Garden' 
Edited by Harrison Houde
Colored by Gabe Sanchez
Original Music Score By
ANTEROOM, Nancy Leeway and Lino Meoli. 
Additional OST by Harrison Houde
1st Assistant Director Natsumi Shibata 
Sound Design by Mark Borders
Special thanks to Jim Budman, Mattia Biagi

Did you know that 8 million tons of plastic waste is dumped into our oceans every year?!!! That’s 16 billion pounds! A garbage truck worth every minute. Plastic is creating a toxic eco system for our species and marine life. There is more micro plastic in the ocean than there is stars in the Milky Way. Let’s face it , plastic waste is like a virus and it’s spreading through the ocean at a devastating rate. 

I was supposed to have an exhibit in Venice, California for earth day this year and was planning to donate a portion of sales to ocean conservancy and Oceana. My show has been postponed due to the pandemic so I’ve decided to showcase them here virtually on my website. I plan on donating a portion of proceeds to support an ocean non profit and to together fund which is providing food for healthcare workers on the frontline. I’ve created these paintings with the intention of raising awareness of the issues we are all facing. I’ve put all my love into making these, collecting and using plastic garbage I hand picked myself on the beaches of Tahiti , Africa, Brazil , east coast and west coast of the US. All created in LA months ago and finished lately in quarantine. If serious inquiries please email me directly in the contact page! ONE LOVE

Ocean Awareness Series

Motion Collage


Short film


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