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In a world riddled with confusion and chaos amongst communities across the current state of our multiverse, now emerges a special kind of super heroic talent; a multifaceted and dynamic Artist, unlike any other, on a galactic mission ordained from heavenly places, to come assist bettering our planet through a divine calling into the sacred service, to gift awakening souls across the earth with his technicolor array of powerful expressions, revealing light and mystery. Leaving behind any and all audiences in a cosmic wake of mesmerizing colors, soulful sounds, divinely inspired shapes, that move and shift environments wherever he happens to be. With a Shakespearian-like commitment to a real character that we can all believe in, he sees the world around him as his stage, ready to make any moment more magical for anyone in his presence, with an artistically integrated special force, yet to be seen.  
Ladies and Gentlemen, and children of all ages, now introducing, MeoLino a Creative Angel sent from another dimension to guide earth beings through peace and love to better the Universe.  
Amongst his slate of superpowers, he is primarily a coveted international DJ, Lino has been invited to grace with his talent private events, galas, and parties for some of the most iconic individuals, such as Prince , Kenny Scharf, Grace Jones, Maison Valentino x Vogue (Venice Bienale, Italy), Snoop Dogg, Gipsy Kings , Afrika Burn, and more.
As a Creative Producer, Lino was commissioned as director of photography for brands such as Dior, Moussy, Disney, Beats by apple, Joy Rich, Patricia Field…
Above and beyond his Artistic service, his angelic work extends into worlds of philanthropic support, as Lino has assisted to help raise over 600k euros for the Leonardo DiCaprio foundation (2016), an effort that aided Mr. DiCaprio and his team to elevate awareness on ocean salvation projects, through a non profit art auction event.  
In the film spaces, Lino has created, produced, directed and acted in projects such as "Archaic Vizard" and "Shades of the Ranebo".
Art :
Resident artist at the Budman studio 2018
Art booth at spring break art fair 2019/2020
Pop art show at the gate way Los Angeles 2016
Virtual reality , google Venice Art walk 2017

street and the sho LA 2022-2024


Lino Meoli was born and raised in New York City. He is an artist, film maker, disk jockey and actor who has traveled to over 70 countries. He lived in Japan for six years where he often still goes to find inspiration. He has worked as an art assistant for Kenny Scharf and Jim Carrey. He is the only child of fashion icon photographer Maripol and house music precursor Gigi.
MEOLINO currently resides in Los Angeles California, working out of his warehouse creative studio space with art, music and more. Lino is an original and dynamic talent who brings exceptional value to any education or entertainment environment as a creative force.

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